Term Project


 Each project is going to be presented with a group of two students. Each group was asked to prepare a 15 minute narrated presentation (after composing the slides one used “Slide Show/Record Narration” feature of Microsoft PowerPoint). Groups were free to suggest a topic related to the area of interest/research. The presentation contained the following mandatory parts:

(i) Brief history of the subject of the presentation;
(ii) Detailed description of the subject;
(iii) Description of how it enabled (or was enabled by) an advancement in nanotechnology;
(iv) Possibly, how it is being used in our every-day life;
(v) Bibliography used in preparing the presentation

Students were encouraged to consult the instructor before finalizing their presentation. The grade for the presentation was determined based on:

(i) Quality of thePowerPoint presentation. Correctness, completeness and appearance were considered –40% of the grade
(ii) Oral presentation –40% of the grade
(iii) Ability to answer questions (see presentation reviews below for details) related to the topic of the presentation–20% of the grade 

Below is list of sample presentation topics:

• Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications
 Self-healing nano-paint (Seden Hazal GULEN, N. Merve KAYSERILIOGLU)
• Nanostructures of stained glass

• Single nanowire solar cells (Cemal Özgür Y─▒ld─▒z)
Batteries (Ay┼če ERDO─×AN, Esin GÜL)
Nanocomposite materials (Atacan DIRI, Ilhami Samet ARSLAN)
Cancer treatment and controlled drug release with magnetic nanoparticles (Burak B─░ÇER, Ezgi ERTUNÇ)
Nano encapsulation (Özüm Önal, Merve SOLMAZ)
• Nanoparticles in petrolium engineering
• Recombinant Protein Nanowires
Graphene nanoribbons (Mehmet Yilmaz ┼×EN, Yunus Emre Can YESILCIMEN, Hazal KARLIDAG)
Biometrics (Sefa ÇEL─░K, Ceyhun SARIÇOBAN)
Block copolymers ( Nebahat Ya─čmur KÜÇÜKKARA, Gökçe Irmak DANACI, Tu─čba ÖZDEM─░R)
• DNA templated materials synthesis
• Corrosion prevention with nanoparticles
Microcontact printing (Hulusi ÖRS)
• OLED Technology (Utku Bar─▒┼č YA─×CI)
• Properties of ZnO and Its Applications in Nanotechnology (Cihan A┼×CI, Rahmi Ya─č─▒z KU┼×HAN)
Thermal Barrier (Ebru ÖZATA, Beren AYGÜN, Mert TOMBAK)
 Hydrojen Bonding and Self-Assembly in Nature (Erencan A┼×LAKÇI, Aysu DEM─░RTÜRK)
• Organic Field Effect Transistors (Hilal B─░NGÖL)

You can find out more interesting topics from the links below;

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